Activities to do in Limnos

In Limnos visitors can find some of the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean Sea. The most important wetlands of the island are ponds Aliki Chortarolimni as well as Asprolimni, which have been declared as Special Protection Areas and are part of the Network «NATURA 2000». These three shallow lakes, cover an area of 18,000 acres. In these wetlands visitors can find a rich avifauna (herons, hoopoes, flamingo, and partridges), because they have been recorded more than 250 species of birds, many of which are endangered.

 Limni Aliki (“Salt Lake”) has an area of 6,300 acres and is probably the only natural salt lake of this size in Europe! It is connected with the sea through a narrow opening, and between the sea and the lake exist sand dunes. In the summer the water evaporates leaving behind a white area of excellent quality salt.


Other important areas for birds are the rocks of the island, the swamp of Diapori, the peninsula of Fakos (“Lens”) as well as the Gulf of Moudros. There are specially designed observatories where visitors can observe the birds of these areas. What is more, in various parts of the island, you can ecological trails which can be followed in order to discover the beauty of wilderness.

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