Activities to do in Samos


In Samos, due to the increased biodiversity that the island appears, you will find some of the most important natural habitats in Greece. Both the mountains Kerkis and Amplelos, the beach of Aliki, as well as Seitania, Lekkas and Kastania (Chestnut) forest, and Katavasi cape, have been declared as Areas of Special Protection and are a part of Community Interest of the European Project NATURA 2000. 

The mountains Kerkis and Ampelos are rich in fauna and there can be found more than 1400 species of rare plants. Also, important wetlands of Samos are the lagoon of ALiki, GLyfades lakes, the village of Pythagorion and the swamps of Mesokampos and Chora. All wetlands are located in the southeastern side of the island, across the Asia Minor shores.

There you can also meet some rare bird species (flamingo, Dalmatian, short-toed eagle, long-legged buzzard, ducks ,swans and herons). There have been recorded about 127 species of birds, many of which are endangered. There are specially designed plots in which the visitor can admire these rare birds that nest in the area.

Also, in various parts of the island, there are beautiful climbing and hiking trails. Due to the fact that Samos has many mountains, it is ideal for both hiking and climbing. You can find many paths between streams and tall trees waiting for you to discover.

More specifically, one of the most beautiful courses you can take, is the path that leads to the waterfalls near the town of Karlovasi. These two natural waterfalls form small lakes full of clear water. We would advise you to visit them wearing sneakers and swimwear, as in some parts  you will need to climb and swim. It is a magnificent course that attracts many visitors each summer.

We would also suggest you to explore the many natural caves existing on the island of Samos. Some are perched on mount Kerkis (Panaretos, Sarantaskaliotissa, Kakoperato, Pythagoras, Kantili) and other are scattered in villages (Saint Anthonyin Karlovasi, Ancient Mine in Mytilene, Xafakia in Posidonio, Tzetzes in Kosmadei). Some caves are underwater and inaccessible without the appropriate equipment. If you find yourselves in Seitania, you should look for the small seals that find refuge there. If you are lucky enough you may find them in the area’s caves.

Moreover, on the island you can find the necessary equipment in order to engage in water sports (windsurfing, kayak, scuba diving, spear fishing). Finally, for those of you who have a boat, then you should browse to the pristine beaches of the island and swim in the emerald waters.


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