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General Information

Agia (Aghia) Marina is located just over seven kilometers from Mytilene, by the only airport of Lesvos island. Set at an altitude of 150 meters, the settlement graces the hill of Amali with its numerous tavernas and cafes, well-tended houses and the church of Agia Marina, whose history goes back to the late 18th century. Agia Marina enjoys wonderful views to the eastern Aegean and the entirety of the Turkish coast, Mytilene, Kratigos and the hillsides of Mandamados. If you are fond of unlimited views and have a spot for the odd Greek ‘meze’ (finger food), Agia Marina is a must-visit spot.

Agia Marina Attractions

Right by the village of Taxiarches, Agia Marina partakes in the green scenery of the area and strongly invites exploration on foot. Park at the lower end of the village, visit the homonymous church and go on a search of the family mansion of Dimitrios Vernadakis (1833-1907), the Dramatic poet born in Agia Marina.

The church of Agia Marina draws a large number of visitors to the area and includes a small religious icon of the Saint acclaimed to have miraculous powers. The church was built on a plot co-owned by Michalis Hatzigiannis and Nicholaos Stephanellis. The latter had grown a tree garden in his share of the land and it is said he was startled at his perpetual discovery of a small icon of Saint Marina at the foot of a pomegranate tree. Even as he kept taking the icon to the nearby chapel of Profitis Ilias (Elijah the Prophet), he only returned to his orchard to find the icon had miraculously returned to the foot of the tree.

The church of Agia Marina was built on the exact same spot in 1797 and has been renovated a total of three times. The basilica boasts marble decorations and a beautiful iconostasis of carved wood.

Agia Marina Events

Each year, on July 17th, large numbers of pilgrims flock to the church to celebrate Agia Marina’s feast. 

Dining in Agia Marina

The village includes a variety of traditional tavernas that will tempt you to take a respite in the shade and taste their fare of mezedes and local delicacies. Do give in to the temptation - Agia Marina is renowned for its eateries, where traditional dishes are customarily enjoyed with a glass or two of good ouzo.

Outdoor Activities in Agia Marina

If you are an avid trekker, set off from the upper end of Agia Marina, follow the path by the village football field and walk through the pinewood. The initial stages of the walk might appear a little dull, yet you will soon come upon a small wooden bridge and a resting spot amidst the pine trees. Continue on and follow the path uphill. The ascent is comparatively demanding, yet manage the 40-minute trek and you will find yourself at an altitude of 373 meters: this is the Amali location of Provasma with its great views and a kiosk where you can steal a few moments of rest.
While here, do also go on a search for the estuary of Lagada river in the area just over the city airport. Of the watermills still in operation until the year 1941, ten have survived to the present day.

Nearby Attractions

If you are keen to enjoy the sea breeze and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the many entertainment and dining establishments on the coastal route to the airport, plan your return to accommodate an evening on the Agia Marina coast. There are numerous hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants which lend their lively appeal to the nightlife of Agia Marina. 

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