Agios Ermogenis - Glorious Dreamy Beach in an Inlet

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General Information

Located some 23 kilometers away from the Lesvos capital, Mytilene, the beach of Agios Ermogenis is definitely worth the trip if, like so many of the beach-goers who have fallen for its astounding natural beauty, you are on the look-out for a dreamy, remote beach in a little-known corner of Lesvos. The area is simply stunning, the waters of Agios Ermogenis clear and refreshingly cool, and the setting beautifully green thanks to the many pine trees growing in the region.

How to Arrive

The small, tranquil beach is easily accessible is you set off from Mytilene and head for Loutra. Follow the road signs to Agios Ermogenis and, near the entrance to the Bay of Gera, you will discover one of the most visit-worthy beaches in the entirety of the eastern part of the island.

The small, beautiful inlet of Agios Ermogenis may on occasion become crowded, for it is as small as it is popular with locals, yet this hideaway spot is certain to enchant you with its greenness, sandy shore and glorious nature. There is only one beachside taverna in the area and, built atop the rocks, the beautiful chapel of Agios Ermogenis.

Agios Ermogenis Activities

Whether you are keen to swim in its clear, pure waters, take in the beauty of the overgrown landscape, or explore the rich seabed of Agios Ermogenis, the beach is genuinely dreamy.

For a breathtaking view of Agios Ermogenis, head back along the Bay of Gera towards Loutra and take the junction on your left hand side – a wonderful view of the Agios Ermogenis awaits you at the end of the narrow road.

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How to arrive

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