Akrasi - A Hilltop Village close to Plomari

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General Information

Akrasi lies in a distance of 17 kilometers from Plomari. It is a hilltop village built at an altitude of 352 meters. According to local residents, the village’s hilltop location makes it resistant to pronounced temperature upsurges. Summer temperatures here never rise above 38 Celcius degrees, making Akrasi the perfect place to visit when the rest of Lesvos is boiling!


There are only three cafes here, where patrons can enjoy cool drinks and local mezedes and have a chat with the locals. The village also boasts anactive cultural club, the Akra-Sion, whose members endeavor to keep the traditions of the village alive and are an ideal source of information on Akrasi and wider Lesvos. 

Religious Festivals

The areas of Tziglou and Pigadia are considered among the prettiest in the village. Tziglou is where the Taxiarches festival (a celebration in honor of Saint Michael the Archangel) is hosted each year (08/09) and it is worth coming here to take part in festivities. If you happen to be on Lesvos in late July, do come to Akrasi to celebrate the feast of Agia Paraskevi (26/07).

Nearby Attractions

Visitors to Akrasi will be mesmerized by the seemingly endless olive groves surrounding the village. A distance of 7 km separates Akrasi from the pebble beach at Drota. The drive on the dirt track that links the village and the shore is easily manageable by car and the landscape will more than compensate you for the brief journey. The small settlement in Drota consists in only a few houses and a truly enchanting beach and the surrounding natural landscape is known for its air of tranquility. Savor a leisurely swim and taste the fish dishes in the local restaurant, or, to explore one of the hidden treasures of Lesvos, hire a boat to Panagia Krifti and lose track of time gazing at the emerald hues of the sea.


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