Archaeological Collection of Pythagorion

The Archaeological Collection of Pythagorion, is located in the basement of the City Hall in the village of Pythagorion and there you can see some of the most significant findings of the ancient capital town of Samos. The collection includes remarkable ancient statues, tombstones, and portraits of Roman emperors, sarcophagus, as well as ceramics of the 9th to the 2th century BC.

The most important of the exhibits, is the marble recumbent statue of Aeacus, dedicated to goddess Hera by the father of Polycrates (540 BC) and the large marble sarcophagus with the rich tactile representations carved on it (6th century BC). It is also worth to mention the limestone findings and the marble stone of the 5th century BC, found in the cemetery of the ancient capital of Samos and the settlement of Chora, the giant statue of the Roman emperor Trajan and the portraits of the emperors Augustus and Claudius.

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