Argenos - Build on the Highest Peak of Mount Lepetymnos

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General Information

Jagged rocks, amazing sea views, leaves in innumerable shades of green and an enchanting tranquillity etch the Argenos landscape into the memory of its visitors. Argenos is a small settlement built on the highest peak of Lepetymnos Mount. The ascent to the village necessitates a journey into the mountainous setting - οaks, chestnuts, olive trees, oregano and thyme grow in abundance in the area, providing a habitat for the local wildlife and a contrast to the blues of the sea down below.

Argenos has a population of 220 permanent residents, engaged mainly in agriculture and farming. The dairy produced in the village is of the highest quality so, if you’re keen to discover new flavours, do try the famous ‘graviera’ of Argenos: it is a piquant semi-hard cheese which is fast becoming nationally renowned.


Argenos offers spectacular views to the Asia Minor shores – sit at one of the village cafes, enjoy a cool drink, and gaze at the peaceful scenery extending before you all the way from the mountains to the not-so-far-away East.

The basilika of Saint George (circa 1777) attracts numerous visitors to the village. For the literary-minded, Argenos was the birthplace of writer George Valetas, whose house has been turned into a museum.

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