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Barbayanni Ouzo
Plomari, Lesvos


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A leader in the production of the national beverage of Greece, the Plomari-based company of Barbayanni draws from its long, 150-year-old tradition in the production of ouzo to initiate you into the exquisite aromas and taste of its unique line of products.

Based on a secret recipe that has been in use by the Barbayanni family for over a century and a half, the exquisite ouzo of Barbayanni is a result of the harmonic combination of Lesvian aniseed and rich aromatic herbs that are distilled using 100% traditional techniques. Having established the category of ‘100% Distilled Ouzo’ in the EU, Barbayanni ouzo has long been internationally renowned as one of the most qualitative beverages worldwide and exported to countries such as the USA, Australia, South Africa, Cyprus and many countries in Europe, which accounts for 18% of Barbayanni’s production.

The distillation process is a ritual that is closely-adhered to by the Barbayani family and originated from Efstathios Barbayannis in 1860, when he arrived in Plomari from Odessa, Russia. Making use of the rich natural resources of Lesvos for his production of ouzo, Efstathios Barbayannis began making Barbayanni Blue, which is currently just one of the Barbayannis’s line of products. Faithful to the traditional family recipe, which has been passed down from generation to generation, the Barbayanni ouzo production relies completely on local aniseed and aromatic herbs, leading to a product whose flavor has remained consistent ever since, a century and half ago, Efstathios Barbayannis began to distil his ouzo in the Lesvian town of Plomari.

From the aniseed harvest to the bottling process, the Barbayanni distillery has remained faithful to the original production method so that every sip of its beverages reawakens the same summer memories as the first quantities of ouzo ever to be produced by forefather Efstathios Barbayannis. Today, the company’s privately-owned, state-of-the-art distillery in Plomari is home to the recipes and secrets of the line of the Barbayannis, who closely adhere to the family tradition in the production of ouzo.

Have a taste of the five types of Barbayanni select ouzo and discover your favorite!

Blue - The classic flavor of the renowned Barbayanni ouzo, which is permeated with the sweet aromas of aniseed and herbs. An authentic distilment of aniseed and a range of aromatic plants with an alcohol content of 46% Vol..

Green - With its delicate flavor and carefully-selected ingredients, Barbayanni Green has been produced since 1977 and is a 100% extract with an alcohol content of 42% Vol.

Aphrodite - A dry, rich ouzo that has been named after the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite ouzo was created in 1962. With an alcohol content of 42%, it is the product of a series of distillations making it as rare as it is palatable.

Evzon - The perfect choice for any ouzo enthusiast, Evzon is made from a superior extract of aniseed and boasts an intense flavor and aroma. Originally brought out in 1950, Evzon is a traditional aperitif with an alcohol content of 47% Vol.

Collectible - The extract of extracts, as it is called, this type of Barbayannis ouzo is the result of the family’s 150-year-old history in the production of ouzo. Produced in a very limited amount and available to purchase in a tastefully-designed bottle, it is the ideal souvenir of the 150th anniversary of the Barbayanni distillery. With an alcoholic content of 46% Vol., it has a rich flavor and a sweet aftertaste.

The company’s successful presence in the field of ouzo production is wonderfully underscored by the establishment of the first Ouzo Museum in the country of Greece, which is owned by the Barbayanni family and can be found right by their Plomari distillery. The collection includes the first tools in use in the bottling and labeling of the first batch of Barabyanni Blue and the cauldron in which the analogies used in the secret Efstathios Barbagiannis recipe for were originally tested.

Open a bottle of Barbayanni ouzo and savor a taste of Greek tradition in its purest form, with Plomarian 100% distilled ouzo caressing your taste buds and immersing you into its unsurpassable flavor.

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