Byzantine Ecclesiastical Museum of Mytilene

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General Information

Visit the magnificent Mytilenian temple of Saint Therapon - the church that, to many, is the crowning jewel of Lesvos’ capital city - then marvel at the collection of rare ecclesiastical items and portable religious icons of the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene facing the church.

The Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum Exhibits

Naugurated in the year 1978, the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene encompasses a collection of ecclesiastical items such as liturgical vestments, woodcarvings and religious manuscripts and a rare exhibition of portable icons in a variety of sizes. Dating from the 13th to the 20th century AD, the icons on display were created during the Byzantine, the Renaissance and the Post-Byzantine eras and compose the most impressive part of the collection. While the identity of their creators is mainly unknown, one of the best-known icons in the Museum, “The Assumption of Mary the Virgin,” was painted by no other than the renowned Neo-hellenic painter Theophilos.

Opening Times

If you are fond of religious art and are keen to admire the Museum’s display of a range of ecclesiastical items, do follow up your visit to Saint Therapon with a trip to the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum just opposite the church. Opening times are between 9.00 am and 13.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Tickets cost 2 euros; group visits receive a 10% discount.

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