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It is a coastal resort that attracts many people during the summer months. In the picturesque harbor of the village you will find many taverns, where you can enjoy fresh seafood.Of particular interest is the old village of Katarraktis, which…


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Karfas is 6 kilometers away from the town of Chios and is the largest tourist resort of the island. A well-organized sandy beach with shallow water is waiting for you to enjoy a swim and to deal with any water…


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Vrontados is the second most popular city of the island after the town of Chios. It was built by the sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor and is three kilometers away from the capital. It is surrounded by farmlands…

Chios City

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The city of Chios is situated on the east coast, opposite the coast of Asia Minor. It is the most important commercial as well as cultural center of the island and attracts the largest population of the municipality. It was…
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