Drakano was the third largest ancient city on the island of Ikaria. It is considered as the hometown of god Dionysus and is located in the eastern tip of the island, in the area that is now known as Fanari. There you will have the opportunity to admire the famous Fortress of Drakano as well as remnants of the ancient Acropolis of the settlement (5th century BC).

The imposing circular fortress of Drakano, stands dominant on top of a hill, is about 10 meters tall and it was built during the 4th century BC. It was one of the seven towers that existed on the island and were used in order to notify the residents in case an unknown or even worse, a pirate ship, approached. According to tradition, the tower was set to fire by Admiral Stachtouri in 1826, thus is badly damaged.

The fortress of Drakano is an important monument of antiquity and one of the highest in the Aegean Sea.

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