Eftalou - Idyllic Pebbled Beach just 3.5 km away from Molyvos

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General Information

In a setting that remains untouched by development, the main beach of Eftalou is surrounded by olive groves, pine trees and rugged rocks. One of the serenest beaches in northern Lesvos, it is a pebbled, Blue Flag beach known for its serenity and crystalline waters.

Travel the short, 3.5 kilometer distance between Molyvos and the seaside of Eftalou and you will be rewarded by numerous of the least known and most beautiful beaches in the Mythimna region. The quiet seaside area is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, tranquil air and palette of ochres, greens and shimmering blues in the hills and sea of the dramatically varied landscape.

The long pebbled beach will has been equipped with sun recliners and showers, but do remember to bring a beach mat and a pair of rubber sandals as some of you may find the beach pebbles too hard to negotiate or lie upon.

How to Arrive

One of the comparatively less-frequented beaches in northern Lesvos, the main beach at Eftalou is in fact easily accessible by local bus while, if you are an avid walker, you might even try the short, twenty-minute walk between Eftalou and the town of Molyvos.

Eftalou Activities: Eftalou Hot Springs

If you come here, you will likely be tempted to try the Ottoman thermal bathhouse right on the shore and, indeed, a visit here is a truly relaxing experience. There is a common bathing pool which may be used by individual visitors, couples or groups of up to 6 persons yet, if you require privacy and would prefer to adjust the temperature of the spring water to taste, ask to use a private basin in the adjacent new spa.

The spring water of Eftalou is known to relieve skin and gynecological conditions, rheumatism, arthritis gallstones and neuralgia, among other conditions and ailments. Savor a long soak in the thermal spring water, feel its soothing work on our body, then dip into the cool waters of the beach just outside: the experience is certain to exhilarate you! The bathhouse operates between 09:00 am and 18:00 pm. It will cost you 5.00 € to use the new bathing facilities and 4.00 € to use the common bathing pool. To make the most of your visit, why not treat yourself to a professional, full-body massage (also available in the premises).

Nearby Attractions

The shoreline of Eftalou extends for a total of 10 kilometers towards the harbor of Skala Sykamias. Famed for their seclusion and tranquility, its beaches are much favored by naturists and are definitely worth seeking out if you, too, are keen on parting with your swimming gear.

If you find yourself in the region, do venture towards Agii Anargyri (Agioi Anargyroi). Set right at the end of the asphalt road extending along the seafront, the beach consists of some six pebbled inlets backed by a cliff. There are changing cabins and showers, a small restaurant and the tiny chapel of Agii Anargyri. Another Blue Flag beach, Agii Anargyri is regarded as one of the prettiest remote beaches on the island of Lesvos.

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