Top Beaches to Go Swimming in Limnos

  • Richa Nera (Shallow Waters) in Myrina
  • Always bustling Thanos, Plati, Evgati and Avlona, all near Myrina
  • Chavouli and Fanaraki, near Moudro
  • Kotsina and her shallow, warm waters
  • Keros, where there is an abundance of water sports opportunities
  • Other gorgeous and serene beaches around the island:

          - Ag. Gianni and Karvounolakas, near the capital city
          - Pigadelli of Panagia, near Propouli
          - The remote and almost-inaccessible Gomati, near the famous sand dunes
          - Neftina, near the caves at Filoktiti
          - Zematas, near the village of Panagia
          - Kokkina Beach (Paralia), with her red-hued rocks
          - Parthenomitos and her aqua-blue waters and golden sands

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