Top things to See in Samos

•    The unique Eupalinos Tunnel, one of the greatest engineering works of antiquity, located in the Pythagorion region

•    The caves and caverns scattered throughout the island carry great historical interest such as
- the Cave of Pythagoras, where it is said the great, ancient mathematician once lived, near the village of Marathokampo
- Siderenia Porta Cave, also in Marathokampo, has great, overhanging stalagmite crystals
- Sarantoskaliotissa Cave, also in Marathokampo, has a small church of the Panagia at its entrance, after climbing up 40 stone steps
- Tripa tou Tzetze & Kasoli also has a large collection of hanging stalagmite crystals, found in the Kosmadeon area  
- Tsakalotripa Cave, which overlooks the Gulf of Heraion, you will see the shape and outline of the famous “Pythagoras Thinking”
- the Cave at Ag. Antonio in Karlovasi, named after the small, local church
- Tunnel Cave, which has an impressive ornamentation and proudly sits above the village of Pythagorion 

•    The Tarsana, a 19th-century shipyard on the island of Samos, is located in Ag. Isidoros

•    The island’s many museums, which present historical and other interesting exhibits
- the archeological museum is found in the island’s capital
- the archeological collection of Pythagoras’ great works
- the folk museum
- the archeological and folk museum at Karlovasio
- the museum of natural history of the Aegean Sea, at Palaiontologiko
- the museum of Samotic life and culture

•    Beautiful wetlands and rare species of birds and plants

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