Faros Papas

Faros Papas is an imposing lighthouse stands on the southwestern tip of the island, not far from the village of Karkinagri. It was constructed in 1890 it was named Black Pope. The locals say that it took its name after a Pope who shipwrecked in the region, on its way from Rome to Constantinople. The lighthouse has a height of 11 meters and is 64 meters away from the sea.

During the Balkan wars (1912- 1913), it was included in the Greek lighthouse network, while during the Second World War was the outpost of the Italians. Nowadays, it has been repaired and operates with modern instruments.

It is worth a visit in order to admire the magnificent views of the Aegean. The access to it is by sea. Moreover, we would advise you to wear sneakers, because the trail you will have to follow is rough.

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