Greece Geography

Greece geographically is located in the southeastern tip of Europe and covers a total area of 131.957 square kilometers and has 15.000 kilometers of coastline. It is the crossroad of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. On the west, borders with Italy, northwest with Albania, north Bulgaria and Skopje, east to south with Turkey and Egypt. It is worth to be notes that the magnitude of the total coastline of Greece is approximately equal to have the coastline of the African continent!

It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, bordering the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan Sea. The climate of Greece is temperate Mediterranean with mild, wet winters, warm and dry summers and long periods of sunshine throughout the year.

In Greece there are lots of mountains and mount ranges. Pindos Mountain range in Central Mainland of Greece and mount Olympus (which according to the legend used to be the home of the ancient 12 Greek gods) with Mytikas largest peak (2918 meters), stand out. The largest lake of the country is Lake Trichonida, which covers a total area of 98.6 acres. Largest river is the River Aliakmonas with a length of 297 kilometers.

The territory of Greece is rich in marble, zinc, lead, magnetite, nickel, aluminum and various ore. Due to the many days of sunshine during the year and the many prevailing winds during the winter, there are several areas of manufacturing facilities for Solar and Wind energy.

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