Greek Carnival

The Greek Carnival (the word is coming from the Latin word Carneval or Carnavale), is similar to Halloween and lasts three weeks. The culmination of events takes place the last Sunday before Shrove Tuesday. During these three weeks, all people masquerade and Greece lives in rates spree. Each region has its own traditions and customs and celebrates Carnival in its own special and more likely unique way.  Major attraction for the days of the Greek Carnival is the city of Patras, where you will see a parade of floats and hundreds of swarming people, mainly young Greeks.

The custom of Greek Carnival has its roots in celebrations that used to take place in antiquity, in honor of god Dionysus. He was the god of wine, mirth and joy. Another feature of the custom of Carnival, are the obscene songs and poems that are sang in many regions all over the country.


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