Gera Hot Springs - Rejuvenate in Skala's loutron Healing Water

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General Information

Skala Loutron can be found on the 8th kilometer of the Mytilene-Kalloni artery. As the name of ‘Loutra’ (‘baths’) suggests, the seaside area is strongly defined by the presence of thermal springs and Skala Loutron includes one of the most popular bathhouses on Lesvos island.

Should you find yourself in the region, make sure to combine your exploration of the Bay of Gera with a trip to Skala Loutron and a visit to the old, Ottoman-built bathhouse. You are certain to savor the natural hydromassage available, besides which, immersion into the thermal (40 degrees Celsius) spring water is an incomparably relaxing experience.
The bathhouse of Skala Loutron comprises two large, separate pools for women and men. The thermal water pours into the bathhouse through marble faucets, its force as it cascades into the saturation pools creating the conditions for a natural hydromassage. While the shower rooms would benefit from improvement, the domed ceiling and windows to the sea just outside combine to create a unique ambience. If you wish to pamper yourself a little further, full body massage is also available in the bathhouse, which is open year round.

Opening Times

Opening times are Monday to Saturday, 08:00 am – 19:30 pm and Sunday 10:00 am – 16:30 pm. For more information, please dial 22510-41503.

Nearby Attractions

The broader area presents significant interest whether you are on a tour of the Bay of Gera or attracted to the region by its potential for ecotourism, the religious festival of Saint George and numerous visit-worthy beaches.

Popular in the summer months, the main village settlement, Loutra, includes a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes together with a range of accommodation options for visitors who wish to spend a more prolonged stay. International tourism has been lured to the region by the architecture and archaeology to be encountered in Loutra, the beaches of Agios Ermogenis and Haramida and the beauty of Skala Loutron, whose varied natural environment is particularly inviting of ecotourism.

The small, highly picturesque harbor of Skala Loutron includes one of the last remaining ‘tarsanades’ (traditional docks) of the Aegean, numerous good fish tavernas and a small array of coast-side cafes.

The area surrounding Skala Loutron is comprised of numerous splendid beaches and Agios Ermogenis and Haramida are particularly worth seeking out. Located a mere four kilometers east of Skala Loutron, Agios Ermogenis is wonderfully scenic but might become busy in summer. With its expansive sandy shore, clear waters and beautiful scenery, Haramida beach is one of the most popular beaches around Mytilene. There is a variety of accommodations, restaurants, cafes and bars on the seafront.

Spend a few hours of complete relaxation in the bathhouse and harbor of Skala Loutron, then take a trip to the beach or set out to discover the religious and archaeological sites of the nearby Loutra - among them the church of Saint George (1815) and the ‘pyrgos’ (three-storey mansion) of Maria Viena (circa 1826). If you happen to be in the area in mid to late April, do try and witness the customary celebrations of the festival of Saint George. The women of Loutra sing the traditional song of Saint George in the late afternoon of April 22nd and an evening of traditional music and dance is held annually on April 23rd.

The area surrounding Loutra presents significant archaeological interest. Visitors to location Palioloutros (in the north of the village) may encounter the ruins of an ancient settlement, while those traveling to the location Palia Eklissia (‘old church’) can see the ruins of a Byzantine temple where the Empress Irene the Athenian is alleged to have perished. Six ancient graves (late 5th – early 4th century BC), moreover, have been discovered on the slopes of Mount Divolo.

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