Haramida - Large, Beautiful Beach 12 km from Lesvos Airport

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General Information

Combing wonderful sea and mountain views, Haramida is a fabulous choice if you are fond of attractive, organized beaches, travelling with a family, or wishing to combine a trip to the sea with a venture to the nearby mountains.

Haramida Activities

The beach is protected from wind, the waters at Haramida tranquil, the beach sandy and the natural landscape scenic, and, as the beach is one of the best-organized in this part of Lesvos, you will be able to choose from a handful of tavernas, visit the beachside canteen or enjoy a more prolonged visit to the local beach bar.

Visitors with an interest in diving will also appreciate Haramida, as the beach has long been in use as a diving spot by the local scuba diving center. There are numerous summer cottages and tavernas in Haramida, which is privileged by its proximity to Mytilene and the range of activities enabled by its varied natural setting.

Whichever way may you decide to spend your visit, you are certain to savor Haramida’s wonderful views, clean waters and peaceful natural environment.

How to Arrive

To approach Haramida, take the main artery towards Lesvos airport, go past the airport and continue on for another seven kilometers, or drive along the road to Loutra and head towards the east of the Bay of Gera.

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How to arrive

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