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This small beach in the village of Kerame sits on the northern coastline of the island, very close to Evdilo. Here is the perfect spot for a quiet and peaceful swim….not well-maintained and with no amenities….but the “away from reality”…


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Surrounded by a green landscape and natural springs, the shoreline at Livadi is an ever-beautiful place highlighted by its sun-golden sand and crystal-clear waters. This beach too, can be found near the village of Armenistis, is well-maintained and has the…

Faros beach

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The public-friendly beach at Faros is situated about 11 km from the city of Agios Kyrikos, on the road leading to Therma. Faros’ most prominent and eye-catching feature is the pier where the fishing boats dock. As the largest beach…

Lefkada beach

(2 votes)
In the village of Lefkada, found in the southeastern part of the Ikaria island, you’ll discover a small, yet beautiful beach….accessed only via a short distance down an unpaved road. What is unique about Lefkada is the hot water from…

Nas beach

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Among the prettiest shorelines of Ikaria is the ever-popular Nas Beach. In what can seem like a magical landscape, Nas is located near the village of Armenistis, the point where the river Halaris empties into the sea. This sand and…

Armenistis beach

(4 votes)
On the northwest side of the island, at the foothills of where the fishing village of Armenistis lies, is a small beach, hugging the shoreline of a scenic gulf, and surrounded by lush-green vegetation. The sandy beach, with a smattering…


(2 votes)
Another popular beach, called Mesachti, is alongside Armenisti in the area of Gialiskari. This beach is easily recognizable by its many small lakes that form the shoreline, the culmination of two rivers merging and emptying into the Aegean Sea. The…

Campos beach

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In the village of Kampos, at a distance of 41 km from St. Kyrikos and in a semi-secluded, green area is a popular sandy beach. Kampos beach does offer some tourist amenities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas and a snack…


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If you’re in need of some “peace & quiet”, a relaxing swim or a hassle-free time on the beach, then Kyparissi is the ideal place. This beach is less than a kilometer from the village of Evdilos and accessing the…

Seychelles beach

(11 votes)
The magical aura of Iκaria can be found at Seychelles beach, with its unique and exotic beauty, and is a must-see place for anyone visiting this enchanting island! This beach’s best qualities are her transparent, green-blue waters, emerald-green landscape, white…
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