Kambos Chios

Kambos of Chios (translated as "The Plain" ) extends to the south of the town of Chios and is one of the most beautiful areas of the island. It is a green fertile valley full of citrus orchards, rocky hills as well as underground waters.

In this green area the wealthy Genoese built their towers during the 14th century. Soon the towers transformed into beautiful large houses with strong elements of Genoese architecture. Later, when the local rulers of the island settled, they build in turn their impressive homes, among the fragrant gardens.

The kamboutsika mansions are grand buildings with ornate gates as well as green pebbled courtyards. They are made of the famous reddish stone of Thimiana and surrounded by high protective walls. Old wells, arched doorways and windows, small galleries, marble carvings and floral gardens create a fairytale atmosphere that takes the visitor to another era!

The mansions of Kambos suffered major damage on the powerful earthquake of 1881. However, they still retain the wonderful architecture and they are protected by the Ministry of Culture. You can visit some of these (Mavrokordatiko, Argenti, Perleas) and admire them from close.


Although the majority of the population is concentrated in the capital, we would suggest to the visitor to go also away from the cosmopolitan city of Chios and make a tour to the 8 municipalities of the island, where you can discover medieval castles, fragrant gardens, impressive mansions, Byzantine churches, monuments of ancient culture as well as exotic landscapes which could not be found if you decided stay only in the city.

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