What I will see and do around Kaspakas village:

•    Village is built on a slope/hillside
•    Church and beach of Ag. Yanni
•    Katsaitis waterfalls
•    Old watermill
•    Fine almonds and figs

Six km outside of Myrina is the village Kaspakas, founded in the Byzantine era by sea captain Kaspakas, and has a mere 950 residents.  The homes were built on a hillside and the topography is very mountainous and at a high altitude.  While in the village, you would be amiss without paying a visit to the Mirsini farmhouse.  The family maintains a cottage industry of homemade pastas, pastries, sweets and other farm-fresh goodies.  Try their products and taste the purity of the natural, local ingredients….especially the almonds and figs.  

Two km from Kaspakas is the beach and church of Ag. Yanni; enjoy a swim at the beach, and then check out the little, quaint church, proudly perched atop a rocky hill overlooking the sea.  From the village harbor, a short walk will take you to the beautiful Katsaitis waterfalls and aon old watermill.         




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