Katimeria Candy




Katimeria Candy (also popular in Samos & Limnos)

The “katimeria” were prepared every Saturday, the day of kneading, and it was traditionally the most preferred candy by the schoolchildren.  These treats can also be enjoyed with cheese.


1 kilogram flour ( ½  wheat, ½ white )
2 small cups oil, 5 cups of lukewarm water
Fresh yeast, in amount/shape of a walnut
1 tablespoon sugar, 1 egg
1 small bowl of oil with mastic, beaten/whipped


Dilute the yeast in a bowl of lukewarm water.  Add a tablespoon of sugar and one beaten egg.  Then, using your hands mix the ingredients together.
Place the flour in a bowl and pour the oil in its center.  Add salt and mix thoroughly until it thickens.  To make it into dough, add the diluted yeast mixture and knead it, all together, until it turns fluffy.  When we feel it is done, cover the bowl with a cloth towel and wait for the dough to rise.

Once your dough is ready, we knead it once again and then divide it into four equal parts, shaping them into small loaves.  Again, we cut each piece into several small pieces, giving them a snail-like shape, while folding over the edges.  Next we drizzle some of the mastic oil over each of our treats.

For them to take on their namesake’s size and appearance (katimeria), open up each piece into the shape of a round leaf.  Then fry each one until they turn light, golden brown and puff out/rise.  These treats are served with molasses.




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