Kato Tritos - Picturesque Village with Wonderful Panoramic Views

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General Information

Kato Tritos is located in the west of the Bay of Gera, in a landscape of endless olive groves and vistas of unlimited views all across the Bay and the green valley of Evergetoulas.
Kato Tritos was built amphitheatrically on two hills, Charakia and Boudika, which accounts for its beautiful far-reaching views. Famed for its panoramas of the fertile plain from the area of Dipi all the way to the Pigadakia coast, the village attracts numerous visitors who come here to savor the country scenery and pay their respects to the Taxiarches (Archangels) in the homonymous chapel.

Kato Tritos Attractions

Kato Tritos boasts one of the three Byzantine temples in presence on Lesvos island. The chapel of Taxiarches is claimed to have operated as a monastery until 1462, the year, that is, of the Ottoman occupation of Lesvos. The chapel is renowned for its murals and has lent its name of ‘Vyzandino Monastiri’ (Byzantine Monastery) to the hill on which it was built. A three-tiered basilica dedicated to the Ascension of the Virgin Mary (circa 1859) has acted as the main village church.

Another site of religious worship is Panagia Galousa, a chapel built by the ruins of an early Christian basilica and a small cavern where, according to local legend, a stalactite drips with the Virgin’s breast milk.

The main market area is in the heart of the village and includes a number of charming traditional cafes.

Nearby Attractions

A large number of Kato Tritos residents keep properties in Pigadakia, a seaside resort that has become increasingly popular with visitors from Evergetoulas and beyond. If you find yourself in the region, do come to Kato Tritos, savor the far-reaching views, and proceed to the coast: you will love the small up-and-coming resort with its many seaside chapels and have the opportunity to swim in the clear waters of the Bay. Pigadakia is the perfect place to enjoy a meal by the sea - there are many fish tavernas here, which come highly recommended.

If you are fond of trekking, follow the 1.3-kilometrer footpath from Kato Tritos to the hill of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) in the nearby village of Mychou. The uphill trek will allow you some wonderful views of the Bay and you will be able to visit Mychou, with its cave of Fousa and endless expanses of elms, olives, chestnuts and pines.

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