Keramia - Village Hidden in the Green Valley of Evergetoulas

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General Information

The village of Keramia is located in the midst of the green valley of Evergetoulas, a mere 17 kilometers away from the Lesvos capital, Mytilene.

The village dates from the Middle Ages and was once home to the Castle of Gieremia (the site is currently occupied by the village church). It was named after the roof-tile (‘keramidia’) outlets formerly present in the village, which sold roof-tiles from the factories of Dipi.

Many of its residents were refugees from Asia Minor. They are genuinely amicable and welcoming towards visitors who stop at the village bakery or roam around the village before continuing their trip towards Agiasos or Mytilene. Engaged mainly in agriculture and farming, a number of Keramia residents sell fresh vegetables and fruit on stalls by the roadside.

Keramia Attractions

There is a three-arch bridge (circa 13th century AD) at the entrance to the village, and a church dedicated to the Saints Charalambos and George. The church was built by the immigrants who settled in Keramia in 1922, the year of the population exchange between Turkey and Greece.

Keramia Events

Should you happen to be here on Saint George’s day (23/04), be prepared to enjoy an evening of celebration, horse racing and an equine pageant. The event attracts visitors from all around Lesvos and is recommended to lovers of traditional Greek music and dance and those with a penchant for horses.

Nearby Attractions

The green valley around Keramia invites visitors to explore it on foot and pick bunches of the wild herbs growing abundantly in the area.

Just 2 kilometers away from Keramia lays the village of Ippios. Ippios is renowned for its fertile valley and plentiful fig trees but, if you’re keen to taste a little of the best ice cream on Lesvos, do make the trip to the local confectioner’s!

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