Lafionas - Hidden village with Amazing Views to Petra and Molyvos

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General Information

Lafionas is situated a mere 5 kilometers away from Petra. It is a picturesque settlement built on the side of Mount Skotino in the course of the Venetian occupation of Lesvos.

The village derives its name from the ancient Greek verb ‘lanthano’ (to remain hidden) and, indeed, Lafionas is a small treasure lying hidden in the greenness and fresh mountain air that permeate its surrounding area: enveloped by rich countryside, it offers amazing views to Petra and Molyvos.


A visit to the Folklore Museum of Lafionas (only open in summer) is an opportunity to admire traditional objects and tools donated by the locals. Lafionas also stands out because of its Monastery of Saint Alexander, who was the first bishop of Mythemna. The monastery was built in 325 AD and is the oldest monastery on the island. It is located 3 kilometers away from the center of the settlement.

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