Lepetymnos - The Newest Village of Lesvos

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General Information

The village of Lepetymnos was devastated in an earthquake in the 1960s and was built completely anew only a few meters away from the original site. About 145 residents live in this small mountainous village, which is the newest on Lesvos.

Lepetymnos (or Chalikas, as it is called locally) is a small settlement set amidst a mountainous landscape of oaks, chestnuts and planes. The village is renowned for its natural abundance: overgrown footpaths, idyllic streams, endless olive groves and wonderful views to the surrounding mountainous area compose a truly picturesque setting known for its tranquility and greenness.


Lepetymnos is surrounded by an area of rich bio-diversity and nature-lovers have the opportunity to explore its fauna and flora on foot. Lepetymnos is on the hiking route from the main road to the village of Sykamia and is traversed by a manageable stone path.


Lepetymnos is adorned by the temple of the Assumption of Mary, where it is possible to admire an age-old icon of the Virgin that survived the devastation of the quake.

Religious Festivals

The village is heaving with activity in the month of August, when preparations occur for the festival of the Virgin’s Assumption and culminate in the festivities of August 14th and 15th. If you’re in the area in mid-August, do make the trip to Lepetymnos and take part in the celebrations: you will be treated to live traditional music and an insight into the traditional Lesvian celebratory practices linked to this major religious festival.

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