Lesbian Friendly Holidays at Eressos Greece




Rarely will you find a place as gifted as Lesvos. Endowed with natural beauty and historical origins, with serene landscapes and a certain diversity, to which it owes its distinctiveness.

The place where this diversity is revealed most vividly is Eressos and Skala Eressos, Greece. Historic and beautiful, this area of the island encloses all the things you seek in your own paradise on earth! Once in Eressos, you will discover the magical combination of sun, sea and absolute freedom. A known lesbian hangout, Skala Eressos gathers women from all around the world on the graphic 3 km beach. The beach can be found within 4 km from Eressos after crossing its green meadow.

This is the ideal spot to vacation in Greece, under the hot Aegean sun, with Sappho's rock in the background, without the taboos associated with free love. Given its unique nature, Skala Eressos has proven the most popular holiday destination for women worldwide already since the 70s. Here you will have a cosmopolitan holiday while at the same time enjoying, the tranquility and understated embrace of a heavenly place. But what is the story behind this special meeting station for lesbians around the world?

It is known that the name of the lyric poet Sappho is associated with gay love. Although no one can know for sure if the famous poet indeed expressed erotic feelings toward other women, the word lesbian, earlier solely characterising a woman originating from the island of Lesvos, is now used to characterize the gay woman. According to the ancient Attica comedy writers and scholars, Sappho harbored erotic feelings for the students of her conservatory and had indecent relationships with them, while it is said that she was in love with Atthis,Telesippa and Megara.

The reason for the prevalence of this rumor even to the present day is likely due to poems of Sappho, that praised female love and expresed homosexual tendencies. An Ode to a beautiful girl and the Hymn to Venus, which are the only works of the poet that have survived intact, are such examples. Although there had been another rumor circulating, that had her wanting to commit suicide out of love for the young Phaon, Sappho the Lesbian, remained known as gay.  

So lovers of Sappho, and women who just want to feel the complete freedom offered by this magical place, travel to Greece and fill Scala Eressos, bringing life to this peaceful place, which during the summer is transformed into a nightlife paradise . The gay - friendly bars hold a special place here as you will find enough to enjoy evenings of frenzied fun, while two are also open in the winter. Apart from simple bars, you can enjoy the events organized by the local theater-bar, a unique space, that also serves as a cultural center for lesbians.

Hotels, cafes, taverns, shops, are all ready to welcome lesbians from every part of the world, providing the ideal environment for a gay friendly and carefree holiday, away from prying eyes. Eressos Greece is the ideal point from which to begin exploring the entire island of Lesvos, seeking secluded beaches and picturesque landscapes. An important monument to visit during your stay is the Monastery Pithari, just outside the village, while you should not miss the adventurous climb of the rock from which, according to legend, Sappho jumped.

Testimony to the emergence of Eressos as a reference point for lesbians, not only in Greece but worldwide, is the renowned Women's Festival, held each September for the last 12 years. This important cultural event prompts the gathering of lesbians from around the world in Skala Eressos Greece, while significantly revitalizing the local economy, due to increased tourist traffic during that time of year. It is a celebration, dominated by a love for diversity, an opportunity for women from every corner of the earth to come together, regardless of sexual orientation, and to experience a magical place.

There could not be a more perfect scenery than that offered in Skala Eressos, with crystal clear waters, mesmerizing sunshine, Mediterranean cuisine and traditional island hospitality. The festival lasts two weeks and includes musical events and concerts, film screenings, art exhibitions, sports activities, fashion shows, excursions to surrounding areas, seaside day trips, traditional Greek dance lessons, theme nights etc.

And while Eressos, Greece is certainly a heavenly, lesbian friendly, holiday destination for gay women, it is also open and welcoming to anyone who attempts to discover its beauty. As indeed the whole island of Lesvos. In the place where Sappho lived, you will immediately feel the air of relaxation and freedom you dream to accompany your vacation. Skala Eressos, Greece will offer you a healing oasis that will carry you away from a burdening everyday routine. Not only because it embraces diversity and free love, but because it will bestow upon you a little of her magic.




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