Limnos Hiking




Take advantage of the several hiking trails and nature walks on Limnos island…observe the different landscapes and varieties of wildlife, and experience Mother Nature at her best!  

•    The path that leads to the chapel Panagia of Kakaviotissas begins along the shoreline of Evgati, takes you through the village of Thanos and ultimately ends up at the rock from which the small church is built.
•    The path that leads to the archeological sites at Hephaestia and Kaviri will captivate you!  Situated just outside Kontopouli of Moudro, you will have to hike up a hill to reach them.   
•    A gorgeous spot on the island that you must check out are the waterfalls at Katsaiti.  Follow the path at Ag. Gianni beach (Kaspakas village), and walk along the stream until you reach the beautiful waterfalls
•   While on the island don’t forget to visit the spectacular sand dunes of Pachies Ammoudies, which you’ll find near Atsiki.  From the village Katalakkos, follow an unpaved roadway until you reach the impressive sand dunes.  Take a dive into the deep, vast, pure sand! At the end of the path is Gomati beach.  




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