Lisvori - Visit the Hot Springs of the Hometown of Aniseed

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General Information

Lisvori is a small village at a 5-kilometer distance from Polichnitos. The hillside village is renowned for the production of aniseed (or ‘myroudia’) to which, according to oral tradition, Lisvori owes its name.

Lisvori is home to 453 permanent residents engaged mainly in agriculture and farming. Locally grown olives, aniseed, pulses and grain are celebrated for their quality. If you’re in the area, do have a taste of Lisvorian wheat husks and bread and purchase some of its regionally renowned chickpeas. The olive-oil of Lisvori is considered among the finest-scented on Lesvos.

On your approach to the village you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Kalloni Gulf. The village church of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) is a basilica dating back to the 19th century AD. A number of small traditional cafes are located around the church.

The Lisvorian Aniseed Festival

A major event in the cultural life of the village is the annual ‘Giorti Glykanisou’ (Aniseed Festival) usually held in midsummer. The festival takes place in order to celebrate aniseed, the locally-grown aromatic component that turned Mytilenian ouzo into a globally renowned beverage. The celebrations include talks on the cultivation of aniseed, a sit-down meal, live music and dance, and the tasting of different varieties of ouzo. There is a small charge to enter the festival grounds. If you are in the area in mid-July, try and attend Lisvori’s Aniseed Festival. The joyful atmosphere, suffusing aromas of ouzo and a dish of the traditional ‘revythada’ (chickpea soup) of Lisvori will compensate you for the journey.

Nearby Attractions

While in the area, go for a walk on the peaceful beach in Skamnioudi, where you can see the remains of an old Byzantine fort. Alikoudi beach is also worth visiting. While it is off the beaten track, the area’s small pool is inhabited by different species of bird and is a must with birdwatchers.

Three kilometers away from the main village settlement, the thermal springs of Lisvori are set in a tranquil area of farm holdings and olive groves. The water here can reach a temperature of up to 69 degrees Celsius (it ranges from 39 to 41 degrees Celsius once inside the pools). There are two bath-houses, the older of which dates from the 16th century AD. There is a steam-room and separate bathing facilities for women and men.

Visitors may stay in one of the rental apartments onsite.

The thermal springs of Lisvori are open year-round and all through the day and night, when the bath-houses are illuminated by tea-lights. Come here and enjoy a dip in the healing hot water or savor a drink in the informal café and take in peaceful views of the nature of Lesvos.

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