Messagros - Historical Village with a Mosque & Turkish Bathhouse

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General Information

Take a journey to eastern Lesvos and discover Messagros, the village at the foot of mount Petrovounio and a mere 5 kilometers away from the sea. Set at a distance of just over 25 kilometers from Mytilene, Messagros is a historical village with a variety of sights and attractions that make it worth visiting.

Messagros Attractions

Once here, do wander towards the old Ottoman mosque for which Messagros has become famous. According to legend, the Ottomans had repeatedly attempted to build the mosque on the site of a church dedicated to Saint John. While the Ottomans would work all through the day, they would return to the site only to find the structure had collapsed overnight. In the end, a pledge was made in order to appease Saint John: both the Christian cross and the Ottoman crescent moon would adorn the minaret of the mosque. The minaret is the only part of the structure to have survived the passage of time - its cross and crescent can still be observed as they look down on Messagros village.

While here, seek the ‘Prosfigika’ just round the corner from the mosque of Messagros. The old Turkish quarter, the Prosfigika is home to a few traditional cafes serving a variety of ‘mezedes’ and ouzo. A little further on, the listed building of the old village bakery includes a fresco by Lesvian painter Theophilos depicting all stages of the bread-making process.

Follow the road from the Messagros mosque towards the main village market and you will encounter another couple of cafes, a few stores and some brilliant views of the surrounding region. There are numerous neoclassical buildings which betray something of the former prosperity of the village.

The village is built amphitheatrically around the main market area and nearly all Messagros alleys lead to the church of Zoodochos Pigi. The blue-domed basilica was built in the year 1907 using materials from Manna, an archaeological site in the region of Gera.

Messagros Activities

The privately-owned, traditional Turkish ‘Khamam’ (bathhouse) of Messagros attracts numerous visitors to the village. To discover the experience of immersing yourself in the healing water of Messagros - and take advantage of its many rejuvenating treatments - do plan your trip to accommodate a visit to the bathhouse (prior booking required).
For lovers of nature, the woodland of Sorokos affords some wonderful views of the region and is an ideal visiting spot if you are keen to go on an exploration of the fauna and flora of eastern Lesvos.

Messagros Events

If you find yourself in the area in the third week of May, do come to the village and take part in the religious festival of Saint Constantine: the newly-built church of Saint Constantine becomes alive on the eve of May 22nd, when an evening of music and dance is hosted to celebrate the feast of the Saint.

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