Mesotopos - Village Near Sigri, Famed for Its Carnival & Beaches

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General Information

Travel the 78-kilometer distance between Mytilene and Mesotopos and you will find yourself in what was once the midway point between Eressos and Agra. Favored for its proximity to Sigri, the picturesque port of Tavari and the beaches of Chrousos and Podaras, Mesotopos is a traditional village where the age-old customs of Lesvos have been preserved and visitors are genuinely welcome.

A village of farmers and fishermen, Mesotopos has recently begun being promoted as a holiday destination particularly suitable for ecotourism and agrotourism. Indeed, Mesotopos is ideal for anyone wishing to spend a tranquil holiday, venture to the coast and explore the remainder of western Lesvos.

Mesotopos Attractions

The Agrotouristic Cooperative of the Women of Mesotopos was established in 1998 and rapidly evolved into a modern production unit preparing and selling a variety of traditional products. If you are keen to explore the flavors of Lesvos, a visit here is highly advisable. You will have the opportunity to taste and purchase a wealth of preserves, cookies, homemade pasta and ready meals, all of which come with a strict quality guarantee.

There are two churches in Mesotopos village – Agios Dimitrios (1720) and Mary the Virgin (1756).

Mesotopos Events

Mesotopos is famed for its carnival, which retains a variety of early Dionysian elements and draws large numbers of participants from both the village and other parts of Lesvos.The carnival of Mesotopos reaches its zenith on the last Sunday of the carnival season, when the local women prepare and share out a traditional carnival treat, sweet pumpkin pie.

The carnival of Mesotopos is a hugely important event in the cultural life of the village. On ‘Cheese-Fare Sunday’ (the last day when the consumption of dairy is permissible before the coming of Lent), Mesotopos becomes saturated with visitors and locals who gather to join in the celebrations and watch the ‘Koudounati’ (men dressed in animal skins and old copper bells) dance in the village streets. The satirical aspect of the Greek carnival has been strongly preserved in Mesotopos and, pronounced in the local dialect, the satirical speeches to be heard in the course of the celebrations cauterize the main political events in the life of the village and the entire country of Greece.

Nearby Attractions

Just 4 kilometers away, the port of Tavari is an idyllic seaside location with numerous rooms-to-let, tavernas and cafes. The beaches of Podaras and Chrousos, too, are highly worth visiting. Tavari and Chrousos are major fishing locations – teeming with fish, their water is clear and especially deep. Located a mere 1.5 kilometers away from Tavari, the quiet, beautiful beach of Podaras is surrounded by an impressive landscape of volcanic rocks.


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