Anaxos Beach - a Sandy Shore 3 km away from Petra

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       3.1   Ambelia and Megali Tsichranda Beaches
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General Information

In close proximity to the popular seaside resort of Petra, Anaxos boasts one of the most visit-worthy beaches in northern Lesvos. Just three kilometers from the legendary harbor of Achilles, the beach at Anaxos is defined by its family-friendly character and the greenness of the surrounding scenery.

At the northwest of the overgrown valley, the sandy shore of Anaxos is an ideal getaway for those travelling with children or merely wishing to relax in a seaside location famed for its natural magnificence. The beach has continued to receive Blue Flag certification over the course of several years and it is one of the most attractive and best-organized beaches on Lesvos island. Famed for the beauty of its sunsets, it attracts numerous visitors who come here to gaze at the peacefully setting sun.

If you are on the look-out for a tranquil green setting where the beach is as organized as it is splendid, Anaxos beach should be high on your must-visit list. While it is unlikely you will want to leave here, a plethora of good beaches are in the region and, with Anaxos being so favored by its proximity to Petra, you will have a range of activities to choose from.

Anaxos Attractions

If you find yourself in northern Lesvos, do make the trip to Anaxos and take advantage of the glorious beach and the variety of amenities in the main village settlement. The main village includes a variety of hotels, cafes and restaurants yet, even as development has been slowly advancing into the green, overgrown region, Anaxos has lost none of its essentially tranquil atmosphere. Despite its popularity in recent years, Anaxos has remained a resort known for its peaceful air, welcoming locals and many serial visitors.

Nearby Attractions

Ambelia and Megali Tsichranda Beaches

If you are partial to virgin beaches you should definitely make the trip to Ambelia (also called ‘Mikri Tsichranda’), a beach about 3.5 kilometers away from Anaxos. A quiet, sandy shore and small turtle creek await you here while, a short drive away from Anaxos, Megali Tsichranda is ideal for a swim and a meal in one of the few tavernas lining the shore.


At a three-kilometer distance from the shore of Anaxos, Petra is one of the most popular seaside locations in Lesvos. While its broad range of hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants offers a variety of accommodation and entertainment options to visitors, Petra has for the most part retained its essentially relaxed atmosphere. Petra beach extends for a distance of three kilometers and a broad range of bars, tavernas and restaurants operate along the seafront. The organized beach includes numerous changing cabins and showers and, as it is lined with tamarisk trees, it is a good spot for a picnic.

Take a look across the bay and you will be greeted by the sights of numerous small islands: Agios Giorgis (Saint George), Mikro Nisi (Small Island), Glaronisi (Seagull Island) and Myrmigki (Ant). Accessible by boat from Petra, these small uninhabited isles provide a habitat for a range of wild bird species and, if you are feeling adventurous, they are a suitable place to spend a night.

Petra beach

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General Information

Petra beach accounts for much of the popularity of the area. One of the most beautiful and best-organized beaches in the entirety of Lesvos, it extends over a distance of three kilometers and includes a good selection of beachside bars, restaurants and tavernas.

Changing cabins and showers are present along the beach, which is considered child-safe.

Petra Beach Activities

Come to Petra beach and it is hugely unlikely you will be stuck for things to see and do. Water sports and a volley ball court are available on the shore and Petra beach is dotted with tamarisk trees, which makes it ideal for a family picnic.

Petra Attractions

If you are in the area, do have a wander around Petra, marvel at the immense rock in its centre, and discover the more intimate side of Petra as you advance towards the centre of town. Take a walk in Petra’s maze of narrow lanes and quaint cobbled streets and gaze at its many traditional houses and neoclassical mansions, or follow a footpath to Petri and savor its mesmerizing views to Molyvos, Petra, the Ligonas valley and Asia Minor.

Whichever way may you decide to spend your stay, do finish your trip with a visit to Petra beach and make the most of the tourist amenities and activities on offer. Even if you settle on simply taking a dip in the refreshingly cool water and sunbathing in the company of a good book, you are certain to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fall for the sound of the waves lapping gently against the shore.

Skala Eressos beach

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In Skala Eressos you’ll discover a scenic, 3 km-long beach that has among the purest and clearest waters of the Mediterranean.  Adjacent to the village of Eressos, the seaside community of “Skala” offers you all the comforts for a relaxing swim in her calm and placid waters.  The sunshine brilliantly reflects off the sand, giving it a silvery, pewter-like gleam. 

Like other beaches, here you can engage in a number of water sports as well as take advantage of a camping site.  Skala Eressos also offers a wide variety of tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bars and places of accommodation.  The beach and surrounding area is well developed for tourism and for entertaining.     




Agios Isidoros - Among the Best Beaches in Greece near Plomari

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  2. Nearby Attractions 
          2.1     Plomari
          2.2     Plomari's Museum of Ouzo

General Information

Set off from eastern Plomari and, at a distance of just two kilometers from the great capital of ouzo, find yourself in Agios Isidoros, a wonderful, well-maintained beach with crystalline waters and pebbles in all colours of the rainbow. The Blue Flag beach ranks among the seven best beaches in the entire country of Greece and boasts one of the longest shorelines in the whole of Lesvos. A dip in its cool, emerald waters is an unimaginably rejuvenating experience.

Agios Isidoros is justifiably popular in the summer months. Privileged by its close proximity to Plomari, a small range of tourist amenities and a magnificent, well-maintained shore, Agios Isidoros is the perfect hideaway whether you wish to spend a relaxing day on the beach or combine your outing with a meal in one of the few seaside restaurants right by the shore.

Nearby Attractions

If you find yourself in the south of Lesvos, do make the trip to Agios Isidoros, discover the wonderful equipped beach and go on a tour of the region. A few minutes’ drive away from the Agios Isidoros shore, Plomari offers a range of accommodation, dining and entertainment options to visitors.

Ammoudeli, a beach in the west of Plomari, is a nice spot for swimming.


The third largest settlement in southern Lesvos, Plomari is a lively location that continues to fascinate visitors with its atmosphere, sights and long history as formerly a commercial and industrial giant second only to Mytilene in industrial and commercial activity.

A variety of bars, cafes, tavernas and nightclubs operate on Plomari seafront. Plomari includes a large choice of hotels and apartments that will accommodate any requirement and budget.

Take a walk around the town and you will discover ample evidence of Plomari’s rich industrial history: numerous olive-presses, mills, tanneries and factories, the dockyards of Tarsanades (in fact, here lies one of the last remaining dockyards in the entirety of the island), the Plomarian Museum of Soap, the famous Barbagiannis Ouzo Distillery and Ouzo Museum.

Plomari’s Museum of Ouzo

Plomari is renowned as the homeland of ouzo, which continues to be produced in a total of 4 distilleries in the region. The Plomarian Ouzo Museum is located within the premises of the Barbagiannis distillery and a visit here is advisable if you are keen on becoming acquainted with the 150-year-old ouzo-making tradition of the Barbagiannis family, taking part in an Ouzo-tasting expedition and buying gifts of ouzo to take home. Tours of the Ouzo Museum are given in Greek or in English (Swedish, German and Dutch are available subject to prior arrangement).

The Museum is open between April 1st and October 15th, Monday to Friday, 09:00 am - 16:00 pm. Between October 16th and May31st, the Museum operates Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 14:00 pm. It is open at weekends by prior arrangement only. Entrance is free.

Vatera beach

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The beach at Vatera is the largest and most impressive and popular on the island, with its long stretch of sandy shore and striking beauty.  It extends in length for some 9 km and is located in the municipality of Polihnitos which is 50 km from the capital Mytilini.  This golden, sandy beach and her Aegean blue waters boasts the Blue Flag award (among the best in Greece), along with so many others featured on our site. 

Vatera has emerged as a significant tourist resort in recent years, with an ever-growing array of dining, hotel and entertainment options.  Her long stretch of shoreline offers you the ideal spot for swimming, water sports and also where you can find peace and solace on one end, to a crowded, cosmopolitan feel on the other.  The choice is yours!             


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