Molyvos Beach - Blue Flag Beach at the Foothills of Molyvos

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General Information

Molyvos beach is one of the best-organized beaches on the island, with sun recliners and umbrellas being available on the pebbled shore. An ideal place to while away a hot summer day, it is also a good spot if you are keen on a more active experience as a variety of watersports are available. The coast is lined with a good selection of shops, hotels, tavernas and cafes and, a few minutes away, the old Medieval town beckons the visitor to explore it.

Molyvos Attractions

One of the most-favored locations in Lesvos, Molyvos boasts a degree of touristic development yet at the same time retains all the splendor of an old, Medieval town. Recognizable by its beautiful harbor, traditional alleys and magnificent Castle, it is justifiably the place to be whether you are fond of the traditional scenery and architecture of Lesvos or wish to make the most of the town’s flourishing nightlife. Come to Molyvos and it is certain you will fall for the town’s fairytale setting, surrounding green landscape and broad range of tourist amenities, all in the knowledge that, gracing the town, a long, pebbled stretch of beach will provide the setting for some truly memorable moments by the sea shore.

If a visit to Molyvos and its beach is highly advisable, no exploration of the delights of the region could be complete without a sit-down meal in one of the town’s tavernas and restaurants or a wander around Molyvos in the evening. One of the few remaining open-air cinemas in the entirety of Greece is located by the entrance to the town and shows a variety of box-office flicks but, if you are one for barhopping, a range of cozy bars and vibrant nightclubs breathe life into Molyvos by night.

Molyvos Castle

While here, have a wander around the old centre of Molyvos then walk uphill to the magnificent Castle that, since its original year of construction, 1373, has dominated the skyline of Molyvos. Located in the heart of the Medieval own, Molyvos Castle is the second largest on the entire island and one of the best-preserved in the eastern Mediterranean. Ascend to the top and enjoy the spectacular views to the town, surrounding region and the seemingly endless Aegean. There is a small entrance fee which will set you back at 2,00 € (1,00 € student concessions available). Molyvos Castle is open between Tuesday and Sunday, from 08:00 am to 20:00 pm, in the summer months (Mondays closed).

Nearby Attractions

In the near distance, just 3.5 kilometers away from Molyvos you will find Eftalou, one of the remotest and prettiest beaches on Lesvos. If you continue your journey towards the end of the asphalt road that borders the Eftalou shore, you will soon reach another splendid location for swimming, Agii Anargyri, with its single seaside tavern, dramatic natural setting and quiet virgin beach.

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