What I will see and do around city of Myrina :

•    Capital city of Limnos and primary harbor and port
•    Archeological site at Richa Nera
•    The medieval castle
•    Platonia deer, a species unique to the island
•    Tourkikos Gialos (Turkish Shore)
•     Romeikos Gialos (Roman Shore) and Egyptian Mansions
•    Archeological Museum
•    Ecclesiastical Museum
•    Sanctuary & Shrine of Artemidos
•    Beaches Richa Nera, Tourkikos and Romeikos Gialos

Myrina, the island’s capital city and busiest port and center of commerce, is nestled along the west coast of Limnos, between Tourkikos Gialos and Romeikos Gialos, and is home to over 6,000 citizens.  The island is named after King Thoanta’s wife.  Thoanta was the first settler here, back in either the 12th or 13th century A.D.  The city’s name was Kastro (castle) until 1955, when it was officially changed to Myrina.   

Myrina is built on the ruins of an ancient city and current archeological site, and if you look out into the shallow water (in the city) you can see the presence of ancient ruins lying on the seafloor.  The city’s trademark is the medieval castle that has proudly stood high above, for centuries and centuries.  The panoramic view from atop is all encompassing and unique, giving you an impression as if the entire Aegean were washing ashore here on this city.  The castle of Myrina dates back to 1207 and was built by the then-ruling Venetians.  The Platonia deer (species particular to Limnos) have adopted the castle as their home and shelter, and tourists and visitors alike can easily view them wandering about.             

Leisurely meander your way through the myriad of cobblestone roads of the city, and experience the Old World Europe feel of the open-air, central market, which can be quite vibrant during the summer months, and where modern meets tradition at every corner.  

In Tourkikos Gialo (the old Turkish quarter), you’ll find a picturesque harbor with fisherman tending to their nets, boats and small tavernas.  

North of Myrina's castle is the Romeiko Gialo (old Roman quarter) lined with buildings and homes of the neoclassical-style architecture, including the famous “Mansions of Egypt”.  These houses were the first Greek settlement in opposition to the Ottoman Turk occupation.  It is on this side of town where you’ll find the archeological museum, with exhibits featuring artifacts dating back to the prehistoric age (when Limnos was first inhabited) to the Byzantine era. 

Another nearby museum worth checking out is the Ecclesiastical Museum, located in the Metropolitan Building.  In 1993, an archeological discovery was made near the grounds of the hotel “Porto Palace”, located in Avlona.  The ruins are of a temple dedicated to Artemidos.  

Romeikos Gialos and Tourkikos Gialos are the best spots for swimming and a day at the beach, while for a night out, your best bet is to hit one of the bars, cafes and tavernas along the Myrina harbor, under the illuminated castle. ….this makes quite a spectacle!      





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