Natural History Museum of Aegean- Samos Paleontological Museum of Mytilinii

The Natural History Museum of the Aegean occupies a modern building in the village of Mytilinii, which is only 12 kilometers away from Vathi. It is divided into two departments; the Paleontological Museum and the Natural History Museum. At first, the Paleontological Museum was founded in 1965, which was moved to its current modern building created in 1955, under the auspices of the Foundation “Constantine and Maria Zimalis”.


The museum is divided into five exhibition areas:


The department of Paleontology includes more than 600 fosselis and artifacts of animals that lived in Samos about nine million years ago. Most of them were discovered after excavations made under Professor John Melentis near Handrian location. Taking a tour in this section, you will have the opportunity to admire fossilized bones of hyenas, rhinos, small teeth of horses etc. Among the most impressive exhibits, are the skull and horns of rare animals, including Protoryx, Mikrotragos and Paleoryx.



The department of Zoology houses a collection of thirty species of animals, amphibians and reptiles, as well as 40 species of birds, existing not only throughout Greece, but all over the world.  There, you can see anything between mummified butterflies of Samos and kangaroos of Australia! The most important item in this section, is the famous “Kaplani”, a reptile from Asia Minor, who came to the island over half a century ago and was mummified by the residents of  that time.


Minerals and Rocks:

In the department of Minerals and Rocks, you will find over 300 species of precious metals and rocks with flashy colors and rare form.


Marine Life:

This section is consisted of 350 species of fish and shellfish from all around the world, as well as ships and boats used in the past years by the locals



This department includes about 3000 species of herbs that grow on the Greek islands.


Open from April till end of October
Monday to Saturday 09.00-14.00 and Sunday 10.00-14.00

From 1st of November till end of March is opening with appointment, only for groups of visitors.

Tel: +30 22730-52055, Fax: +30 22730-52094

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