Armenistis beach

(4 votes)
On the northwest side of the island, at the foothills of where the fishing village of Armenistis lies, is a small beach, hugging the shoreline of a scenic gulf, and surrounded by lush-green vegetation. The sandy beach, with a smattering…


(2 votes)
Another popular beach, called Mesachti, is alongside Armenisti in the area of Gialiskari. This beach is easily recognizable by its many small lakes that form the shoreline, the culmination of two rivers merging and emptying into the Aegean Sea. The…

Campos beach

(1 Vote)
In the village of Kampos, at a distance of 41 km from St. Kyrikos and in a semi-secluded, green area is a popular sandy beach. Kampos beach does offer some tourist amenities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas and a snack…


(0 votes)
If you’re in need of some “peace & quiet”, a relaxing swim or a hassle-free time on the beach, then Kyparissi is the ideal place. This beach is less than a kilometer from the village of Evdilos and accessing the…
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