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Karlovasi is a town built by the sea, with 5.740 inhabitants and 32 kilometers away from the capital town of Samos. It is named after two Turkish words (Karli Ovasi), which mean “snowy valley”. In the settlement, which has been…


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Lekka is located in an overgrown area not far away from Karlovasi. It is definitely one of the most picturesque settlements of the island, characterized by its traditional houses and narrow cobblestone streets. It is worth visiting, if only to…


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Kontakeika, is a beautiful settlement not far away from Karlovasi. It has a population of about 580 inhabitants, who are mainly engaged in agriculture. Only a little outside the settlement, you will find Kastrovouni, where still stands a fortress built…


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Drakei is a small village, built in a remote rocky location on mount Kerkis, in the northwestern part of Samos Island. It is, just like Konteika, named after the surname of its first settler. It is worth a visit in…


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Among the countless beauties of Samos, the village of Kokkari stands with its traditional aura which is engraved in the homes of locals that have withstood the ravages of time as well as the narrow streets, which will remind you…


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Manolates is a village climbed up on a mountain, with 131 inhabitants, located 25 kilometers away from the capital of Samos. It is named after the surname of an old family that lived in the old village. The area around…


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Vourliotes is a mountainous village of 468 inhabitants, perched on a green location on the mount Ampelos, about twenty kilometers away from Vathi. It is built in the late 16th century and is one of the oldest settlements of the…

Agios Konstantinos

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Agios Konstantos is a beautiful villageof 379 inhabitants, located by the sea, only eighteen kilometers away from the capital town of the island. It is built in an overgrown area with running water, surrounded by an emerald coast. The inhabitants…
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