Paleochori - A Plomarian Village near the Gorgeous Beach of Melinda

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General Information

Palaiochori (at times spelled ‘Paleochori’) is a hillside village located 12 kilometers away from Plomari.

The name of ‘Palaiochori’ (meaning ‘old village’) characterizes it as one of the longest-standing settlements in the region around Plomari. Palaiochori was originally established in Melinda and was relocated twice before finally settling in the region of Merina in the year 1817.

Palaiochori was built densely in order to ward off the possibility of pirate attack. Today, it is an attractive village with a multitude of bright-colored houses, a few rental rooms, numerous cafes and highly picturesque streets. Like in any of the villages around Plomari, the locals here are extremely welcoming.

There are a few tavernas in the village where visitors can try a variety of regional dishes and make conversation with the locals.

Palaiochori Products

Local recipes use seasonal products with a high nutritional value: grape must in autumn and pears and figs in summer are used in a variety of Palaiochorian dishes. If you are in the area, make sure to taste some of the ‘moustokouloura’ (grape must biscuits) of Palaiochori and purchase some to bring home with you: they are a traditional accompaniment to coffee but go equally well with tea.

Palaiochori Attractions

The village church of ‘Evangelistria’ (The Assumption of Mary) was built in 1864. Visitors to the Ecclesiastical Museum of Palaiochori will have the opportunity to admire a number of religious items such as murals, religious icons and other ecclesiastical items.

Nearby Attractions:

The area of Vigla (locally referred to as ‘Viglár’) is located west of Palaiochori and offers panoramic views to Chios, Psara and the Asia Minor shores.

If you are keen on walking and love getting off the beaten track, do go on an exploration of Kournela and Rachidi. A number of olive paths join these two abandoned villages with Palaiochori, leading visitors to a vantage from which to enjoy some truly amazing views.

Melinda beach is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from the village. The seaside location is set in an unspoilt natural landscape: mountains, pine trees and olive groves surround the small settlement, providing a green rural environment bordered by a quiet pebbled shore. The beach is known for its emerald water and the famous Melinda’s Rock, a boulder that dominates the beach and tempts visitors to swim around it. A couple of fish tavernas are present along the coast. During summer, it is possible to hire a boat from Melinda to ‘Panagia Krifti’. Accessing the beach might be a little difficult, but this should not deter you from paying Melinda a visit: you will be rewarded by wonderful views, a laid-back atmosphere, crystalline waters and a tranquil, beautiful shore.

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