Panagia Krina

The church of Panagia Krinas was built during the 12th century and is situated in the village Vavili. Its architecture is similar to Nea Moni (“New Monastery”) and is an example of insular octagonal churches.

Inside the church is very impressive as well as decorated with frescoes of three different eras. The oldest are dated back to the 13th century and the newer to the 18th. Parts of the church have collapsed during the earthquake in 1881. On the other hand, significant efforts have been made to restore and maintain the temple as well as to restore the murals that have been decoupled.

It should be noted that the detached frescoes of the twelve prophets, which were built during the 14th century, are being exhibited in the palace “Ioustiniani”, in the castle of Chios. What is more, parts of the murals had been created by artist Michael Homatza in the middle of the 18th century and are being kept in the Byzantine Museum of Chios (Metzitie Mosque).

Last but not least, we must inform you that the church remains open only during summer, because the rest of the year it is under maintenance projects.



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