Panagia Vrontiani

The monastery of Panagia Vrontiani (Kokkariani), which is also known as Vrontas monastery, is located in an overgrown area, about 20 kilometers south of the villge Vourliotes. It is built in 1566 by a monk named Jacob and his brother Makarios, over an older monaster. It is widely believed, that the monastery owes its name to the strong thunders that strike during the autumn rains in September (the month that the monastery celebrates). According to another widespread opinion, the monastery took its name after a wealth family that used to live near the settlement of Kokkari.

It is a basilica church with a dome and in it you will find a gilded curved image, depicting the Old and New Testament. There have also survived an imposing curved throne of the 18th century, as well as a small sample of remarkable wall paintings.

Around the church, are the cells where the monks used to live. In the southeastern part of the building, there is a chapel dedicated to Jesus Christ. The view from there is excellent and visitors can gaze at the deep blue sea , up to Asia Minor.

The monastery celebrates on September 8 (Birthday of Virgin Mary) and the same day a great feast is held in the settlement of Vourliotes, where if you find yourselves you will have the opportunity to taste the local traditional recipe of “giorti”.

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