Parakila - Botanizing and Archaeology 11 km North of Kalloni

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General Information

Eleven kilometers north of Kalloni, Parakila is a hilltop village surrounded by a plain so green it is justifiably renowned for the wealth of its natural resources and amazing fertility.To add to the beauty of the verdant location, the vast orchards of orange-trees around Parakila permeate the atmosphere with their intoxicating aroma.

Its hilltop location has endowed Parakila with some wonderful views to the Kalloni Bay. The beautiful country scenery, its unlimited views, the Castle of Parakila and its proximity to the valleys of rivers Taxiarches, Kardakis and Potamia place Parakila high on the must-visit list of any lover of nature, botany and archaeology.

Parakila Attractions

Parakila boasts numerous sites of archaeological interest. The Castle of Parakila is situated on Mount Issa, on the border between Parakila and the village of Anemotia. The ruins of an ancient settlement may be observed outside the Castle. Nearby, the remains of ancient walls have been discovered in the location of Tsonia (between Parakila and Kalloni) while, located between Parakila and Agra, the coastal area of Apothika boasts a Prehistoric wall some six meters in height.

Parakila was once renowned for its long history in the art of weaving and played an active role in the production of flokati rugs, blankets and woven floor coverings. Today, the village residents are engaged in animal (predominantly sheep) husbandry and the cultivation of olives. For a sample of locally-produced olives and oil, drop in to the Women’s Cooperative of Parakila. The Cooperative additionally produces a variety of spoon sweets, preserves, deserts, beverages, cheeses and pasta made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Parakila affords visitors with some wonderful views to the Bay of Kalloni and has tempted many a lover of nature to set off from the village and venture into the woodland, where the waterfall of Parakila can be observed and where black pines, rhododendrons and peonies grow in their hundreds. Another interesting trail joins Parakila with Anemotia, the village of limitless views to the valleys of Taxiarches and Potamia and the only Rhododendrons Luteum sweet to be encountered in Europe.

Nearby Attractions

Parakila is on the uphill trail linking Skala Kallonis and the village of Agra. All three locations boast interesting flora and a day botanizing in the area will grant you with some wonderful specimens, together with many unlimited views over the Bay.

The marsh of Parakila lies along the coastal route west of Skala Kallonis - a visit here is recommended to avid birdwatchers, however, do bear in mind that the hide of 2008 has been burnt down. If you have been drawn to Lesvos by its rare birds and fauna, do make the trip to the Saltpans of Kalloni – a magnet for many rare wetland species, it is productive year-round and especially in the early autumn and spring.

The beach and small port of Medousi is located 1 kilometer south of Parakila and is good for swimming.

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