Petri - Discover the Achilles’ Well and the Ravine of Watermills

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General Information

The village of Petri is located 2.5 kilometers east of Petra. It is the perfect place to visit if you’re keen on hiking. The area is ideal for exploring on foot and there are a number of well-marked paths that reward visitors with brilliant panoramic views.

Petri overlooks the wider region of Mithymna. Enjoy unlimited views to Molyvos, Petra, the valley of Ligonas and the Asia Minor coast and discover the path to “Achilles’ Well” where, according to local legend, Achilles took a respite in order to quench his thirst.

Petri is a village of unlimited natural wealth and the surrounding area is dotted with walnuts and poplars. The village itself is well looked-after. Admire its old and new houses and chat to the friendly locals.

Petri is famed for its local cuisine and visitors should have a taste of the village’s various delicacies in either of its two tavernas or stop over for a cool drink and enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Nearby Attractions

A trip from Petri to the watermills at Ligona is an opportunity to discover the ravine of watermills (18 in total) at the foot of Mount Lepetymnos. Here you can see the ditches and canals maintained to this day and exploited to transport water from the river to the mills. Their architecture is remarkable, besides which, the surrounding area is heaving with natural beauty.

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