Pigadakia - Up-and-coming Resort in the Beautiful Bay of Gera

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General Information

Pigadakia is a small coastal settlement in the northwest of the green Bay of Gera. Home to only 55 permanent residents, the area has gained increased popularity as a coastal resort where visitors may swim in the clear waters of the Bay, enjoy a long walk along the coast and pay a visit to one of the several fish tavernas of Pigadakia.

Pigadakia Attractions

Popular with locals from the nearby villages of Gerania, Kato Tritos, Mychou (who, in the main, maintain summer properties in the area) and beyond, Pigadakia has become reputed for its picturesque harbor, its quiet beaches, and the many chapels dotting the coastal road that runs through the area.

Numerous tourist amenities and rooms-to-let have sprung up in the seaside village, which has led to a degree of tourist development, however Pigadakia is set apart by its essentially tranquil character. Like the entirety of settlements in the Gera Bay, Pigadakia is off-the-beaten-track and highly idyllic. Its church of Saint Therapon would be at home in any watercolor painting: perched on a narrow stretch of land that is bordered by sea on three of its sides, the church is surrounded by a beautiful landscape in innumerable hues of blue.

Pigadakia Archaeology

The entirety of Pigadakia has been proclaimed an archaeological site. Ancient ruins have been discovered in the area, both on land and at sea, and underwater archaeological research has been ongoing.

In 1995, the foundations of numerous ancient buildings were discovered at 2.5 meter-depth on the sea bed of Pigadakia. It has been deemed that these buildings would have been particularly well-designed and built. Numerous sections of mosaic-tiled flooring and ceramic pipework, a number of walls and part of what is possibly a partially submerged column were among the findings. It is hoped that it will soon become clear whether the remains of these ancient buildings were a part of the coastal settlement of Kato Tritos, which has been dated back somewhere between the 3rd century BC and the 3rd century AD.

Pigadakia Events

The main event taking place in Pigadakia is the ‘Papalina’ (Sardine) Festival, which is organized on an annual basis and attracts a large number of visitors to the area. If you happen to be in the region in late summer (the festival usually takes place in mid to late July) do come to Pigadakia and take part in the festivities. You will have the chance to enjoy a glass or two of free ouzo, taste a dish of locally-caught sardines and revel in an evening of music and traditional dancing. Entrance is free and parking will be available.

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