Plakados - The Smallest Village in the Region of Gera

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General Information

Plakados is located 23.8 kilometers away from Mytilene. The smallest village in the region of Gera, it is situated north of Papados, on a hilltop location with a 75-meter altitude.Plakados benefits from fair weather all year round and the strong presence of water has made the village into a haven of beautiful gardens. Affectionately termed the Berlin of Gera, it is known due to its church of Agios Vlasios and charming village square - a cool, idyllic spot to visit on a hot summer evening.

Plakados was established between 1565 and 1700, when the first archival references to the village began being made. While its population has been in steady decline, it remains one of the most picturesque locations of Gera.

Plakados Attractions

Plakados is highly worth visiting. The off-the-beaten-track destination is home to the early 1840’s church of Agios Vlasios, a site of religious worship whose interior preserves its original air of opulence. In order to build the church, materials were transported to Plakados from the archaeological area of Manna by both the Greeks and the Ottomans who inhabited the village. Manna itself is situated a little outside Plakados. If you are in the area, visit here and admire the ruins of the Classical temple of Manna, then wander off to the location of Vigli with its ruined medieval fort.

The main market area of Plakados commences just outside the church. The long, narrow lane of the market quarter is filled with small stores and cafes patronized by the majority of Plakados men. The ruins of an old Turkish bathhouse and mosque can still be observed in the village location of Sapouni, the village’s old Turkish quarter.

Nearby Attractions

‘Sorokos’ (a term for the southeastern wind) is an idyllic hilltop location with overgrown countryside, abandoned fields and derelict cottages. The area affords some wonderful views of the landscape below and it is worth making the ascent in order to ‘lose’ oneself amidst the woodland of pines, apples, chestnuts and cherry trees leading up to the panorama of Sorokos. The chapel of Saint George is perched high up on the hill and surrounded by the abandoned small settlement. To accompany the amazing views, birdsong, the wind in the trees and the gentle chime of bells tied around the throats of the grazing goats are the only sounds you might hear in Sorokos. For some unmissable views of the Bay of Gera, the peaks of Petrovouno and, in the distance, the Asia Minor shores, do come to Sorokos and even continue on towards Kala Perivolia: a little further away from Sorokos, it is a lovely countryside area with a chapel (another Saint George) and centenarian pine trees.

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