Tsamakia - Vibrant Blue Flag Beach in the Heart of Mytilene

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General Information

Located in the heart of the great Lesvos capital, Mytilene, the municipal beach of Tsamakia (Plaz Tsamakia) is an organized Blue Flag beach that has long been popular with Mytilenians and tourists. Its popularity is easily justifiable considering Tsamakia’s central location, the variety of tourist amenities right on the shore and the lively atmosphere permeating Tsamakia. Equipped with changing cabins, showers, sun recliners and umbrellas, Tsamakia also benefits from the presence of a vibrant beach bar where iced coffee, cocktails and snacks may be enjoyed and a hot summer evening whiled away watching the waves as they gently lap against the shore.

Tsamakia Activities

Even as Tsamakia may become crowded during the summer season, it is worth coming here if you have a preference for organized beaches, are out on a tour of Mytilene and wish to have a first-hand experience of one of the most-attractive beaches in the Lesvos capital, or enjoy sports. A beach volleyball court is available and the first swimming contest to take place in the region unraveled in Tsamakia in September 2014.

Tsamakia beach is the only beach ran by the Hellenic Organization of Tourism to have an entrance fee. In summer 2014, this was set at 2.00 euros.

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