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Lesvos is an island faithful to its tradition and in a large extend quite self-sufficient, since the rich land of the island is suitable for the production of a variety of goods. Olive oil, is one of the most characteristic products, since the cultivation of olive tries is widely spread, fact that can be justified by the existence of numerous olive trees on the island. Its rich aroma, thin texture and full flavor, make it one of the most fine quality virgin olive oils in the whole country. Moreover, due to its low acidity and low content of chlorophyll, is considered to be a necessary component of a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet. It should also be noted that due to its excellent quality, it has been awarded many times at international exhibitions.

The most famous product of the island, certainly for a good reason, is ouzo. Produced in famous distilleries on the island and is considered to be the finest in Greece. The traditional recipes that follow the devoted producers as well as the heady anise, which is one of ouzo’s ingredients, make the Lesvian ouzo unique! The tasty beverage is entirely connected with the local cuisine and is not to be missed from your table too. Leaving the mother town of ouzo, as Lesvos is called by many, make sure you have bought a bottle or two!

Widespread in both Greece and abroad are the famous sardines of Kalloni, caught in the homonymous gulf of the island. Greeks, consider the sardines of Kalloni the tastiest of their country. You can taste them pickled (the "sushi" of Lesvos) or grilled in all traditional taverns of the island. Equally well known is the delicious “ladotyri” (oil cheese), which is produced exclusively in Lesvos, of sheep and goat milk grazing in the meadows. Its pungent taste, ladotyri owes it to the virgin olive oil in which is stored. It is also an opportunity for you to taste the local sweet wine, known since antiquity as the nectar of Olympian Gods. For those who love honey, a large jar is the best gift for their return. Beekeeping in Lesvos, shows strong growth and the produced honey is one of the finest in Greece.

Last but not least, we should note that Lesvos produces a variety of traditional local products, always taking under serious consideration the need for quality and healthy lifestyle. Such products are the sweets, jams, organic cakes, pasta, liqueurs, various sauces, grape leaves, frumenty, herbs and aromatic plants. Moreover, there is growth in the field of textile too, making it known for its embroidery, handicrafts and textiles.

The local economy and development rely heavily on those products, which highlight the value of tradition, while strengthening the identity of a touristic resort.

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