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The fertile and fruitful soil of Limnos, generously provides local farmers and gardeners all the raw ingredients needed for a traditional Greek kitchen….with a touch of Asia Minor’s aroma.  The freshness and flavors and aromas of these foods will entice you and make your mouth water.

You Should Try:

•    Fresh fish and seafood
•    The exceptional, high-quality Limnian wine
•    Delicious thyme honey
•    Freshly baked breads, biscotti and other baked goods of superior quality, using pure wheat
•    Locally-made sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolates, candies and other confectionaries
•    Dairy products, especially the 3 cheese types kalathaki, melichloro and katsaveli)

Traditional products you must try while visiting Limnos include the famous homemade cheeses mentioned above (kalathaki, melichloro and katsaveli), which are produced exclusively on the island, using only fresh milk from goats and sheep from local farms.  

Let your taste buds experience the bold Limnian wine, known since the time of Homer, and its rich aroma and full flavor.  For lovers of honey, grab a jar of Limnian thyme honey for the return trip home.  Beekeeping has shown great development in recent years and Limnian honey is among the highest in quality and flavor in Greece. 

Finally, don’t leave the island without trying its many delicious, locally-made sweets, such as “venizelika”, Samsades”, macaroons and candied fruits.  The making and selling of sweets in Limnos has a long tradition, going back to when the local residents offered them to visiting Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos in 1912, after the island’s new-found freedom from the Ottoman Turks.      




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