Pyrgi is one of the largest and most beautiful medieval villages of the whole island. Many even call it “painted” because of the impressive projects that bear the facades of the buildings. It should also be mentioned that the village has been declared as a monument and is kept in very good condition. Its name is due to the tall tower in the middle of the village and was once a shelter for residents.

The “birth” of Pyrgi goes back to Byzantine times, but the town as well as the distinctive architecture is due to the Genoese, who conquered the island in the middle of the 14th century. The houses are built one next to the other, creating a wall, able to protect the inhabitants of the village from pirates.

What is more, the corners of this compact fortress were tall towers that strengthen the defense of the village. The narrow cobblestone streets are full of dead ends, creating a sense of maze. Even in most places there are archways, domes as well as arches that bridge the houses. Arcs were made for easier movement of residents in case of invasion, without being noticed by their enemies.

Visitors can wander through the narrow streets of the village and admire the elaborate “scratched” buildings. This is a special type of decorating the outside of buildings with beautiful geometric patterns. This is the result from scratching the sand which in the end it looks like the Italian Sgraffito.

We suggest you to browse the village in end of the summer, when all roads will give off the scent of fresh mastic. The smells and the picturesque landscape will take you years back in the Middle Ages.

It is worth visiting the temple of the Holy Apostles, built in the 13th century and still maintains its exquisite architecture. What is more, in the village there is the church of the Archangel with the blindly mosaics, the monastery of St. George and the basilica of the Dormition with ornate wooden temple.

A few kilometers outside Pyrgi will find the remarkable archaeological site of Emporios and the Temple of Apollo in Fana. Futhermore, you can visit the medieval Tower of Dotia located in the homonymous valley.

Finally, near Pyrgi is the beautiful exotic beach of Vroulidia as well as the famous Mavra Volia with the characteristics volcanic pebbles.

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