Pyrgi Thermis


The first settlement you will meet as soon as you enter this municipality, only 11 km north of Mytilene, is Pyrgi Thermis. Main characteristic of the area are the impressive, of special architecture towers. They were used as fortified country houses, the center of rural properties, where the wealthy inhabitants of Mytilene spent their vacations.

Next on the map is Thermi’s beach, a very popular destination for tourists. There is a picturesque cove with smacks in every color and paved quays, where you can find many traditional small cafes and taverns.

Above the beach and the town, up the Karies hill, the Saint Raphael’s monastery is located. It attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Inside the two-stored Church with the impressive iconography, the relics of St Raphael, St Nickolaos and St Irene are kept. It is believed that they were found in miraculous way.

An also famous sightseeing is “Sarlitza Palace”, built in the end of the 10th century. It had been for many decades the most popular hotel of the whole island and even though it is now abandoned, it keeps granting Thermi with something of the lost Roman luxury.

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